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Choosing a radiator


When choosing the correct radiator for your home it’s fair to say you have to consider more than the colour, style, size, material. The radiator is one of the most important parts of a central heating installation so you need to order correctly.


A mere 20 years ago you had very little choice when choosing a radiator for your home, all they had was a white, rectangular shaped radiator made of cast iron or steel. Radiators are now considered to be an important part of your home’s interior design, with the many designs and optional styles and sizes we need to be aware that as great as it may look it needs to do the job we expect it to do which is heat the house/a room. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for your new radiators for your central heating system.


Firstly you need to work how much heat each room requires. Radiator heat outputs are measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) or in Watts, to work out what size output radiator you’ll need find out the size and height of the room(s) and use our heat/loss calculator to give you the estimated heat output you’ll need and then you’ll know what size radiator you’ll need. If you're unsure still what’s best, get some advice of the engineer you are using to install your new radiator.


Next is the location of your radiator, if you’re using existing pipework then there isn’t much too think about and installing new pipes can be disruptive and expensive. If it’s going in a new renovation then the best location for a radiator is usually in the coldest part of the room. Traditionally radiators are installed on the external wall of a room, usually beneath a window so that the cool air coming in can be heated up, however with modern double glazing this is becoming less important. Again if in any doubt be sure to seek advice from your local gas engineer.


If installing in a large room please also be aware that a double radiator has less heat output then two single units of the equivalent size. Or to put it another way, two single radiators are more efficient than one double.


With our modern designs we offer much more flexibility. If the furniture you have or want is limiting your options, we have a choice of vertical, narrow radiators that require minimal floor space.


So you’ve measured up and decided on your location, you're now ready to order your new radiator. We have loads to choose from, whether you want a traditional radiator or a designer radiator, we have a huge selection to cater for all.